Jim Cline Photo Tours: Small Group Photo Tours to Latin America and Asia

About The Tours

For almost a decade, Jim Cline Photo Tours has run specialized, small group photography tours. Our photographic journeys are designed to get participants into unique, engaging locations at the optimum times for photography. We have assisted more than 300 photographers, from beginners to seasoned professionals, to create fantastic (award winning) images.  We travel more slowly than typical tours, providing our tour guests the opportunity to understand the culture and customs of a particular location, and to connect with the local people.  Our carefully crafted itineraries are designed to ensure culturally sensitive encounters, resulting in memorable interactions wherever we travel.

We believe that Jim Cline Photo Tours stand above the crowd for several reasons:  First of all, each trip is planned and led by either Jim Cline or Karl Grobl; two accomplished, well-respected, photography professionals.  During the development of each tour, particular attention was paid to the specific needs of photographers. In many of the places we visit, Jim and Karl have established personal relationships with the families, the market vendors, boat captains, school principals, and other individuals. This allows for special access for our group members, something that would be nearly impossible when traveling on your own for the first time, or with other, larger tours.  At Jim Cline Photo tours we always limit our group sizes to either 9 or 10 participants.  By virtue of this small group size, we can guarantee our guests a more rewarding and fulfilling experience.  Additionally, with such small groups, Jim and Karl are able to give personal attention to each tour guest and we can be more flexible with each day’s plan, adjusting to conditions and events that present themselves. The small group sizes also means that we spend less time organizing everyone for activities, and when we arrive on location, the photographic interaction between our tour guests and the local people is more easily facilitated.

Jim and Karl have put their hearts into these tours, and it shows. Jim and Karl truly care about the experience that each and every one of our clients have on our trips. One of our biggest sources of pride is literally, the hundreds of personal, heartfelt testimonials that we have received over the years.

We could go on and on telling you how much people enjoy and appreciate our trips or that more than 60% of our guests return to take more tours with us, but perhaps our clients are our best advocates when they say things like…

“Jim, what can I say about you – a gentle, caring photographer who finds opportunities for all and strives to meet the needs of the group.  Your style is very accommodating. The value was great – I would definitely recommend this tour to friends and colleagues interested in the cultural aspects of a country. The wonderful relations that you had with the local Mayan people enabled the group to get priceless photographs that would have been impossible on our own.”  Karin Leperi, Rockville, Maryland

“Dear Jim, I usually don’t comment much after a trip, but I would be not true to my thoughts if I did not write you about Karl and the India trip that he led.  I am sure that you know he is an amazing trip leader. Having been on many trips and a seasoned traveler for most of my life, Karl gets a 10 in my book.  He is a combination of an amazing photographer, sincere teacher, diplomat, and most important a man that likes to help people. He is the kind of a man that you can trust at once and know he is interested in your life, not only as a photographer, but as a friend. Both Jan and I felt as we left him, that we had shared a unique experience, that we own mainly to Karl and his wonderful way of always making our days in India special.  Our wish is that someday, we may share another wonderful experience with him.”  Robert Angell, Wilmington, Vermont

If you haven’t already joined us for a tour we hope you will, and if you’ve already traveled with us, we hope to see you again soon!

Jim & Karl

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